Zipline Types

These are some Ziplines Types we have for your adventure.


Classic Zipline

Rs. 2500


$35 Foreigners

Sit calmly on your seat and express the thrill as you ride down the zipline, having some time just for you and the nature.


Rs. 3500


$45 Foreigners

Superman Zipline

Be the new superman! Stretch out your hand and make your way in the air through Mother Nature as you live the life of superman. Due to natural factors such as the wind pressure, the best time for superman zipline is 8 A.M. to 11 A.M. The zipline runs at other time as well but for our riders to have one of the best experience, we encourage all our riders to enjoy the ride at the above time period. The weight limit for Superman zipline is 75 kg.


Couple Zipline

Rs. 4500


$60 Foreigners

Why zip alone when you can share the thrill with your loved one? Enjoy the amazing couple zipline, love flows in the air as you ride down!