What is the age bar requirement to zip?

Anyone aged 10 and above and over 3.5 feet high can zip. All minors (under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Do I need to be of certain weight for the activity?

The ride needs to be under 110 kg and with a waist measurement of 101.6 cm / 40 inches or less.

Are there special medical conditions considered? Any physical requirements?

This adventure is designed for persons in good physical condition. Pregnant women, guests with existing injuries and/or seizure disorders are prohibited. Guests with current or re-occurring medical conditions that may interfere with the participant’s safety should not take this tour. When in doubt, speak with your doctor about any concerns.

I was wondering if the regular clothes I wear would be appropriate.

Closed-toe shoes are required. NO FLIP FLOPS!! Pants or long shorts are recommended; shorts should hit the mid thigh so the harness isn’t on bare skin. Please tie back long hair and no loose jewelry.

Seriously, is zip lining safe? How can I be assured of the equipment’s’ safety?

All safety equipment is imported from Petzl, Camp, Simond & Rock Empire Company. (Equipment like Pulley, Harness, safety tapes and carabiners). Tampering with or attempt to modify any part of the harness, rope or cable system is not permitted. Each installation is inspected every day by client. Our installation conforms to the latest European Standards. Client daily sites are managed by trained professional instructors only after installation zip line by Sports Academy of Mountaineering.

What is the best time to have Superman Zipline?

Due to factors such as wind pressure, the best time for the ride is 8 A.M. to 11 A.M.